Backdating postage

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Back To Top Click Bank offers Direct Deposit (ACH) of your Click Bank account payment to U. Direct deposits may take 1-2 business days to reach your account, although many direct deposits are received on the same day that we send them.Back To Top Click Bank offers International Direct Deposit (XACH) of your Click Bank account payments into certain international bank accounts.

Due to the overlap the first pay period on your new schedule could be longer or shorter than standard.You expressly agree and acknowledge that the terms and conditions contained in this Accounting Policy are incorporated within the Click Bank Client Contract and you expressly acknowledge that you have read this Accounting Policy and agree to comply with and be bound by all of its terms and conditions as a requirement of creating and maintaining an account with Click Bank.If at any time you do not agree with any part of this Accounting Policy, you agree that your sole remedy is to cease any further use of the Click Bank Services and terminate your account, in which case You agree that any activity that transpired prior to the date of such termination shall be governed in full by this Accounting Policy. Click Bank offers Direct Deposit, Wire and Checks as payment methods for clients to receive their funds.XACH deposits are available to bank accounts in the following countries: For the countries Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Singapore, and Switzerland, conversion to your home currency is done at the published retail rate of our bank, Wells Fargo.Current daily rate quotes are available at Wells Fargo's website at: https:// Back To Top For those clients that reside in a country in which we do not currently offer International Direct Deposit (XACH), Click Bank does offer direct wire payment to your bank account.Please present your checks to your financial institution promptly.

If you present a check after the 90 days your bank may refuse the check.

For information about specific terms of the Click Bank Accounting Policy refer to the appropriate section below: All references to amounts and use of the "$" sign refer to amounts in U. Accounts receiving direct deposit and wire payments (US or International) are eligible for once per week or once per two week payments. Back To Top Pay period end times and payment send dates are dependent upon your selected Payment Frequency.

For accounts receiving payments weekly, pay periods end at a.m. For accounts receiving payments once every two weeks, pay periods end at a.m. Changes to your selected Payment Frequency will go into effect in accordance with the Payment Change Deadline.

We can issue a new check only if the stale check is in our possession.

Please write "VOID" across the check and send it to the following address: Click Sales, Inc. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410Boise, ID 83709 After we receive the stale check, funds will be re-credited to your Click Bank account and sent on your next payment date via your Click Bank account's selected payment preferences.

XACH offers a fast and reliable method for direct deposit of your account payments in your local currency.