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Still, at least we’ve always got good old Gene Simmons to keep us ticking over in the meantime, eh? It's been eight years since Chris Brown attacked Rihanna following a pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles.Brown has spoken about the assault before, and not surprisingly, his side of the story always just makes everyone hate him more.However, it looks like one plucky challenger might have taken the bait in the shape of Rihanna.Although we’ve seen much, much more of Rihanna that we’ve ever wanted to this year – those naked Rihanna photos showed us what her breasts look like, while her post-beating police report photo showed us what Rihanna’s face looks like with some of the skin torn off – it looks like Rihanna isn’t done showing us bits of herself yet. Do it Rihanna and chris brown sex tape video, do it!

I truly am optimistic associated with is actually a fact. Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan made her latest mistake in life, dropping the N-Word while boasting about a Kanye West concert on Twitter. and then proceeded to crack Instagram up with this Photoshop fail.We wouldn't have thought it possible just a few weeks ago, but it turns out that photos of Kate Upton nude can be controversial.Chris Brown blew some steam off on yet another Twitter rant when he got fed up of constantly being asked questions about his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Apparently, the pair take turns to hold the camera while performing sex acts on each other. According to Media Take Out, they have seen a short clip and insist that it is Breezy and Draya in the video. Celebrity sex tapes porn tube rihanna in a new afternoon!

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