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“Futurama,” the critically lauded sci-fi spoof from Matt Groening that aired on TV for seven seasons, will be turned into a brand-new mobile game in collaboration with the many of the show’s original writers, cast and animators.“Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow” will feature original content from creator and executive producer Groening, executive producer David X. The game’s developer, Jam City’s Tiny Co division, also is working with Rough Draft Studios, the original animators of “Futurama,” promising to bring the show’s humor and visual style to the title.

Added Cohen: “‘Futurama’ is back, bigger and better than ever! The companies did not announce a release date or other details about the game, saying additional info will be revealed soon.

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Tiny Co, which Jam City (formerly known as SGN) acquired last year, has previously worked with Fox Interactive on “Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff.” It’s not the first mobile-game spinoff of the cult favorite.

“Futurama: Game of Drones,” which was first released in late 2015, is a match-four puzzle game created by German casual-games developer Wooga under a pact with Fox.

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