Pocket planes flight crew not updating

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If the player loses at any point they lose some of their rewards.

Checkpoints are also scattered around the board which boost players' stats when they pass over them.

In Master Orders, players purchase tickets in order to try one of three challenges, the reward depending on the difficulty; each ticket is used separately, and each challenge may only be tried once.

Playing Crazy Orders requires the player to either use a pass or pay gold; the player can then play any number of challenges to rack up rewards within a set time limit before facing Crazy Hand in a final battle.

In their respective modes, Master Hand and Crazy Hand construct challenges for the player.

Players purchase tickets in order to face challenges.

However, in addition to Off-TV Play, the Wii U Game Pad can display in-battle stats, such as damage percentages.

Like in all games, Smash has its traditional fighting game mode with its customized rules where four chosen fighters play on chosen stages.One of the opponents includes the rival, which is programmed to be harder than the other opponents.The longer the rival stays alive, the stronger it'll become.This includes the Stamina mode (where players get HP that decreases), Time (time limit), Stock (lives) and Coin Battle (winner is the one that collects the most coins).Special Smash also returns in this version, allowing players to battle under certain conditions.Instead of paths, the player has to choose which group of fighters that he/she wants to fight.

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