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They were heard every day there, morning and evening. It was unclear how many birds were calling in this sample. (106K) Here is a bit more vocalization, recorded in a small marsh on a road leading out of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, 6/19/99.

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Murray looked comfortable in sneakers and a beanie.This 24-second sample of Jacana talk is quite nice, but may take a few minutes to download (512K) Another Jacanaphile sample This one's a threesome, 21 seconds (319K).All of these recordings were made in the marsh 10 miles north of Quepos, where the Jacana breeding season was in full swing.The entire "song" - 53 seconds, 414K(MP3, 53 sec, 105K).Laughing Falcon songs sometimes last a few minutes - they start softly and slowly, building to a crescendo in pitch and volume - a magical sound.They can surprise you with this call, right at your feet, when you surprise them!

(132K) Here is their clucking call, recorded in a small slough near Grano de Oro, 6/24/99.GRUIFORMES (Rails, etc.) CHARADRIIFORMES (Gulls, Sanpipers, Jacanas) COLUMBIFORMES (Doves/Pigeons) PSITTACIFORMES (Parrots and Parakeets) CUCULIFORMES (Cuckoos) STRIGIFORMES (Owls) CAPRIMULGIFORMES (Nightjars) ) is the most ancient of birds in Costa Rica.Its call is ancient-sounding, simple, quavering, primieval.Bill Murray is doing what he can to help hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.The 67-year-old Ghostbusters actor was spotted accepting cash in Washington DC on Monday with all the money going to Puerto Rican charities. The best friend of George Clooney set the minimum contribution at and turned away one fellow who offered only as seen in a video shared by TMZ.These were recorded in the forest at Manuel Antonio.

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