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Any vehicle that drips oil or other staining solutions may not be operated within the Centre without a drip pan or dry absorption powder.

Exhibitors are responsible for oil, grease, or any general damage to the carpeted area.Show Management will sign for the delivery on your behalf during move-in hours only.Your materials will be left at the dock until you arrive.If they cannot be locked, they shall be taped shut.The electrical system shall be de-energized by either: a) removing the battery or b) disconnecting both battery cables and covering them with electrical tape or other similar insulating material.When motorized vehicles are approved for use on carpeted areas, a protective sheet of Visqueen, tarpaulin or a comparable material must be used to eliminate damage from leaks of gas, oil, etc.

CARPET ORDER FORM All vehicles displayed in the Centre must use drip pans underneath them and pads under all tires.Turn right at Bremner Boulevard for the South Building For the North Building, proceed further north on Spadina Avenue to Front Street and turn right.From the West: Take the 401 East to 427 South Follow the Gardiner Expressway and exit at Spadina Avenue and go north.Welcome and thank you for choosing to be a participant in The National Women’s Show- Toronto.Please take a moment to read the exhibitor manual, which will provide you with all of the necessary information for the preparation and installation of your exhibit.Processing your orders at your earliest convenience will allow us and the service-contractors time to provide you with the best possible rates & service.