Updating datagrid c

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Or the data to retrieve might be accessible from a stored procedure.

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Specifically, the first screen shot examined prompts for a file location; since there is no connection string, the second screen shot does not appear in the Access Data Source.

Here you can see that I'm returning the By default the data is returned in the order the database stores the records.

If there's a clustered index (such as a primary key constraint) on the table, the data will be ordered by the column(s) that make up that index; otherwise, the data is ordered by order it was entered into the database table.

To specify a different ordering, click the ORDER BY button.

Here you can choose what columns the data should be sorted by, and if it should be sorted in ascending or descending order.

However, the remaining screen shots are identical for both the Access Data Source and Sql Data Source. As you can see by the two radio buttons at the top of the screen you can either pick a table or view and select the columns to return (as shown in the screen shot below), or write a custom SQL statement or pick a stored procedure.

If you opt to specify columns from a table or view, simply pick the table or view from the drop-down list and then check those columns you want to return.

数据源是这样的: U1: A-123456, A-234567, A-345678 U2: B-123456, B-234567, B-345678 用户查询U1,需要在Combo Box中列出A-123456, A-234567, A-345678这几项.

Shapes; namespace Wpf Application2 如图: 数据1是用户输入的(Data Grid Text Column) 数据2是用户输入后触发一个事件,这个事件将用户输入的内容从数据中查找出来,通过Data Grid Template Column/Combo Box列出,再供用户选择.

We'll see how to use these Data Source controls to modify database data in a future installment.

Also, we'll focus on working with these Data Source controls in Visual Studio 2005 through the Design view.

(True, you have to provide a connection string rather than simply the path to the file, but Visual Studio 2005 can automatically create appropriate connection strings for those databases residing in your folder.) In this article we'll examine the Sql Data Source in detail, just touching upon the one difference in the Access Data Source.

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